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We offer only the highest quality PLA filament from the best filament brands in the world. PLA filament is available to order in a variety of colors and types. Discover PLA filament in the standard 1.75mm, 2.85mm diameter sizes, and in the form of pellets.

About PLA filament

PLA stands for polylactic acid and is a thermoplastic that was first discovered in the 1920s. PLA filament is derived from raw materials such as sugarcane, cassava, and cornstarch making it a bioplastic. It is also the most popular 3D filament in the 3D printing industry as it is easy to work with, is well-priced, and can be used for various applications. The filament material has reasonable strength and can print at relatively low temperatures. The density and toughness of PLA filament are higher than ABS filament when compared. PLA filament is environmentally friendly thanks to its biodegradable properties when recycled correctly. It is also non-toxic, emitting no fumes, and can therefore be safely used in an indoor classroom or office space. PLA filament is an excellent starter material and a beginner’s first choice. Use a premium PLA filament to create prototypes and test your design ideas!

Printing temperature180°C-220°C
Heated bed0°C-60°C
EnclosureNot required

PLA filament blends

In neutral form, PLA filament is semi-translucent with a brownish color. What makes PLA filament so extraordinary is the number of endless options that have been created by manufacturers. It is very common for other materials to be mixed into PLA filament, creating a new blend with new properties and opportunities. A well-known blend is the wood PLA giving the appearance and feel of wood. Parts can be made to look more rugged and natural or wood-like when sandpapered down. PLA can also be found in nearly any shade of color and style as more PLA filament blends continue to be developed. Different blends will have their preferred print temperatures and printing requirements. View our specials such as the silky satin PLA filament or glow-in-the-dark PLA filament for a unique appearance. 

PLA+ filament

One of the most popular and impressive blends of PLA filament is PLA plus filament. PLA+ is an enhancement or improved version of PLA filament. PLA+ filament behaves more or less the same as the original PLA filament with a few variances. PLA+ can use the same print settings as PLA filament, however, be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions and specifications for individual use. PLA+ contributes more than PLA in terms of providing better mechanical properties as it is stronger, more durable, and therefore performs better.

3D printing with PLA filament

To successfully 3D print with PLA filament, ensure to configure your 3D printer in the appropriate settings. Most importantly, PLA must be printed at a temperature ranging from 190-220 degrees celsius. PLA filament does not require a heated bed or enclosure during printing. A range of 3D printer presets can easily be followed by PLA filament, only requiring minimal adjustments of the settings. A great starting filament that we recommend using is our own high-quality RepRap Filament.

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